Therapeutic Massage

Clare Kersley – Osteopathy and Therapeutic Massage – Bexhill, East Sussex
My osteopathic treatments often include therapeutic massage. I find that targeted therapeutic massage can be very effective at softening and easing tight tissues, which can help bring about beneficial postural changes as well as easing strain and pain.

Put simply, muscles run from bone to bone. If those muscles are knotty and tight then they seem to pull excessively on the bones to which they attach. This can alter posture, limit or alter movement and cause joint discomfort. It can also have a knock-on effect to other areas of the body by making them adapt and work differently or even overwork.

By softening and easing specific tight muscles and soft tissues, I find there can be beneficial effects on posture, movement, joint pain and general well-being. I feel that massage has an important role to play in my treatments.

Massage has been used in the treatment of illness and injury for thousands of years by health care practitioners. Chinese writings dating back to 2500 BC describe the use of this modality for a variety of medical purposes. That said, there is a lack of evidence based studies to scientifically support the benefits of massage.

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